Thursday 2 January 2020

AssetZure, Barcode101, MerQ Manufacturing: From 1998 to 2020

In the spring of 1998 brothers Koos and Mynhardt du Preez, along with their mother Aletta, started the partnership called Trio Software, developing software for the Agricultural market.

Their journey progressed and they later registered a company called Zure Technologies (Pty) Ltd in 2011. They focused on livestock identification and management using RFID & barcode technologies. More and more companies approached them from other industries and they saw a real need for user-friendly barcode asset & inventory management solutions for medium and large enterprises.

They noticed the tags and labels for customers that already existed in the industry were not up to standard so decided to do something about it! In 2016 they registered the company, that specializes in barcode labels and asset tags using laser engraving technology, called MerQ Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd.

From August 2017 MerQ Manufacturing and Zure Technologies are both held safe under the umbrella of a holding company.

Today Zure Technologies is a leader in cloud-based asset management and inventory management solutions: including Google Play apps and Apple App store apps that synchronize data to the cloud making remote scanning a pleasure.

Barcode101, AssetZure and MerQ Manufacturing, 
wishing You beautiful moments, treasured memories, and all the blessings a heart can know in 2020. 

Happy New Year!

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